Thesis - Utopia and Dystopia
Thesis Exhibiton // Spring 2015 // Boston University // 808 Gallery May 1st - 8th
Technology has become a dominant force in daily life. The evolution of a technological society hints at two possible futures. One is dystopic, bleak; a world dominated by computational micromanagement and human obselescence in the face of computers and robots. The other is utopian; a plentiful world where resource scarcity and hard labor are a thing of the past; where automated production and clean energy have made Earth habitable and peaceful for all.
As we step through the door into the future, should we expect to find a technological Atlantis waiting on the other side? Or Aldous Huxeley’s “Brave New World”? This thesis explores surrealism, reality and imagination, through presentations of a reality which is either utopian or dystopian, depending on one’s perspective.
Creating this utopian/dystopian future living room is a means to express my philosophy on technology, as well as encourage people to think beyond the present reality and question where we are heading as a society.

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