During my time at Eastern Labs, I focus on creating a more human experience for users that brings more clarity and easiness to mobile banking. Through the design, I try to reduce the cold and obscure feeling that banks always have, ultimately connecting it with the people .
The online and mobile banking platform that my team and I created scored in the top 4% on the System Usability Scale of the UX Center at Bentley University. Increased NPS scores (average for banking is ~30%):
● Mobile from -75% to 80%            ● Online from -27% to 61%
If you are interested, you can take a look at customer’s reactions at Bentley user testing: https://vimeo.com/177747811/60f77afc08
Although I can't show you all the screens here, I want to highlight some of the features that my team and I designed. I include inVision link for each feature so feel free to click around :)
ATM/Branch Locator
This feature allows users to find the closest ATMs and Eastern Bank Branches near their location or another place. It also gives the users ability to access to detailed information of a specific ATM/Branch.
My Role: Research, UI, UX, Animation
In addition to designing the visual, I created an animation in Principal App to further show how the interaction works.
Feel free to click around in inVision: https://invis.io/ERAPY15VQ
Bill Pay

Feel free to click around in inVision: https://invis.io/R5APYKGS3

Starting off with a flow diagram allow me to break down a big complex feature into small pieces and help me understand the user requirements better.
Not like bill pay in web, mobile is structured based on functionality instead of a list of payee because there is less space on mobile and I want to give clearer directions for users on what they can do.
Base on different use cases, I create different user flows. For example, when a user makes a single payment, the form fields change based on whether the payee is categorized as Check, Electronic, or e-Bill.
In bill pay history, users have the ability to do advanced search on the results. The goal is to make search experience as easy as possible. 
My role: UI, UX
Debit Card
Mobile UI components Library
Similar to web, I solely created a mobile UI components library from scratch. It provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on Material Design. 

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