Graduated from Boston University in 2015. Currently working as a Senior Product Designer @Bytedance in Beijing. Previously Product Designer @Zhihu and @Acquia and @Eastern Bank.
I've had a huge obsession with puzzle since I was little. It's like a long journey of solving problem in my own world. I'm from Beijing and lived in United States for 6 years. I have deep interest and passion in exploring human emotions and identities. I find it's fascinating to create art or all sort of things that are able to connect with people's mind and inner emotions.
What I love - surrealism / color collision / futuristic style of design / High Renaissance / Romanticism / Joan Cornella / Eugène Delacroix / J. M. W. Turner / Salvador Dalí / Antoni Gaudí / San Mao / Henry Thoreau...
If you like my work and want to work with me, feel free to shoot me an email or just simply say hi: To see more of my work, please check out my dribbble or behance.
Human civilizations are neither bad nor good, neither advanced nor backward. They're merely different, that's all. We may be no happier today than those who lived in ancient times. -Wu Mingzhong
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